Sunday, 15 April 2012

Eddie Irvine in his Jaguar, Spanish Grand Prix 2002

eddie irvine in his jaguar spanish grand prix
Eddie Irvine at full pelt in his Jaguar, during the Spanish Grand Prix of 2002. I used to really enjoy watching Eddie, not just his driving, but also in the pre and post race interviews - he never held back on his opinions, even if what he said was directly criticising his own team, boss, teammate, fellow drivers etc. A refreshing honesty compared to the "groomed replies" from most drivers these days. The Spanish Grand Prix is a great one to visit, and used to be one of the cheapest. The circuit has loads of open access viewing areas around the in-field, and the close proximity to Barcelona means you can combine it with a great city break as well. This image was taken with my Canon D30, f/11, 1/500 sec at ISO 400, and I used my Sigma telephoto at 500mm.

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