Monday, 7 May 2012

Anyone feeling hungry? - Khushi Heaven

khushi punjabi restaurant edinburgh
Going through some photo folders on my hard drive, I found this randon snap of Khushi's original menu - they have changed the menu's this year, same food but different cover, so a wee bit of history here. I've been going to Khushi's since 1984 - blimey, 28 years, and I've still to find an Indian restaurant that can match the Punjabi dishes they serve up. It is not to be confused with "the other" Khushi's in Edinburgh, there is no connection between the two. I have been placing pretty much the same order for those 28 years (I was taught it by the guys who took me for my first visit), and it just gets tweaked for however many people are there on the night.
If you ever visit, get these dishes (no starters), and share them around:

Murgh Massalam (seems to be the most popular), Keema Dopiaza, Chicken Bhuna or Pathia (depending on table choice), and side dishes of Daal, Mushrooms & Bombal Alu. If there's lots of you, double up on some of the dishes. For the especially hungry, add on a Keema Paratha or two, and of course nan breads...unfortunately, they have recently stopped doing their signature Sweet Nan, which was basically covered with a very thing layer of what I'm sure was melted sugar, although I keep telling them to get it back on the menu, so who knows.

I was here for a meal last month, with just one friend, and he was determined to have the Lamb Madras, I can report back that it was fantastic as well.

For the photo, I tried to make the border as close to the Murgh Massalam colour as I could :-)

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