Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Movie Star fresco's in Cannes

actors mural cannes south of france
Dotted all around Cannes are wall fresco's of movie stars, after the city instigated a programme of mural painting in 2002, to reflect its history. By far the most impressive one is at the west side of the port, covering the whole side of a building. It is called ‘CinĂ©ma-Cannes’, by the first and foremeost renowned freso artist Patrick Commecy, and features 20 duos of famous actors.
actors fresco in cannes south of francefresco of actors in cannes, south of france
I love the Buster Keaton hanging off the clock, and the forced perspective on the windows, balconies, window section on a chain, and the crane with the cameraman -  they are all painted on flat surfaces but give this fresco a real"3D feel". How many movie stars can you spot?

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  1. Just a little note. It is actually Harold Lloyd hanging off the clock. Buster Keaton isn't in this portrait at all.


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