Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Times Square, New York - There is no off-switch

times square new york at night
Panoramic image of Times Square, New York, taken at night. I can't remember what time of night I took this, but it does not really's lit up like this pretty much all the time, although obviously looks even more striking at night! A hustling, bustling centre of humanity that never sleeps. I remember, whilst staying in the Crowne Plaza Times Square on this visit, nipping out to get a few slices of pizza from a takeaway across the street at 2:00am, some munchies to eat whilst we listened to radio coverage of a Grand Prix back in Europe...there were just as many people on the street, and shops open, as there was when we came in to the hotel at 10:00pm.
The two images that were used to create this panorama were taken on my Canon EOS D30, f/4, 1/60 sec, ISO 400 at 28mm.

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