Monday, 30 July 2012

Lotus 49 - "It's got a bit of poke"

I found this fantastic video, filmed by Ford, documenting the birth of the classic Lotus 49, with footage of Graham Hill testing it, andthen  its first race outing in the hands of both Graham Hill and Jim Clark. I love the bit in the initial testing footage, where Graham Hill returns to the pits with a big smile on his face, and says "well, it's got a bit of poke!"

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Luca Badoer - loneliness of the long distance test driver

Luca Badoer in his Ferrari at Silverstone
A shot of Luca Badoer during a three day test session at Silverstone in 2002...a lonely job being the test driver for an F1 team, bashing round the circuit lap after lap, with none of the glamour of Grand Prix weekends in sight.

Poor old Luca...the driver with the most number of F1 races, without scoring a single point, although he did win the F3000 title at his first attempt (so there was definately talent there!)

Love Lotus? - Have a new wallpaper

I found this stunning shot of the Lotus 49 in the Project Cars forums, and have resized it to 1680 x 1050, and now have it as my wallpaper. Feel free to grab it for yourself if you want (I uploaded it at original size).

Indianapolis USA Grand Prix 2002 - A dream visit

Indianapolis Grand Prix 2002
In 2002 I had the good fortune to attend the USA F1 Grand Prix at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or "the brickyard" as it is fondly known. I have to thank my good friend Bill Hunter for making this possible, and the hospitality of Alan Caine and his wife. This was such a big deal for me, due to the obvious Jim Clark connections with this hallowed circuit. I'm just starting to sort revisit some photos from this trip, and will post more over the coming weeks.
Photographers shooting famous bricks Indianapolis Grand Prix 2002Ferrari fans at Indianapolis Grand Prix 2002

Rouen 1962 Grand Prix - Documentary

To tie in with my last post, the gameplay video of my 3 lap race in Project CARS at Rouen, here is a fantastic documentary covering the 1962 race at Rouen (split into two sections), featuring all the greats of the era...Jim Clark, Graham Hill etc. Essential viewing, if like me, you consider this the golden age of motor sport.

Project CARS - 3 lap race at Rouen, Lotus 49

My latest Project CARS video, and definately getting closer to the quality I would like. A three lap race in the Lotus 49 at the classic French circuit Rouen - what a blast this circuit is, with some really exciting elevation changes, and the auto-camera angles coded in to this build are some of the best I have seen (in fact, I just left it on auto-camera for the whole replay)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Barony Bar, Edinburgh - Legend

Barony Bar Edinburgh
A nice HDR shot I took in the Barony Bar, Edinburgh last night. Early evening in a week when summer finally seems to be making an appearance. This was around 6pm, before it got really busy, and many customers were sitting outside at the time. I've been going to this bar on a regular basis for nearly 30 years, as it is across the road from Khushi's, my favourite indian restaurant, where we were heading last night. (click image for larger version)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Faeryland, Grasmere - idyllic, green and tranquil

View over Grasmere lake, from Faeryland tea room
Last few photos for now, of Faeryland team room in Grasmere, Lake District. If you ever in the area, do pop in for a nice tea or coffee, and my mate Rick will take good care of certainly beats city life for a few days! I can also recommend Tweedies for a fantastic selection of real ales and food, and The Red Lion was a lovely hotel to stay in, slap bang in the middle of Grasmere. I've gone a bit overboard on the HDR photography here, but the surroundings really lent themselves to this technique!
the view out over Grasmere Lake, from Faeryland tea roomThe main building, Faeryland, Grasmere
tables and chairs outside at Faeryland, Grasmere
the view from the boat landings, looking back to Faeryland

Sparkplugs - you're going nowhere without them

Now this brings back memories, usually of me cleaning the sparkplugs on my first ever motorbike, a Suzuki A100, with an old toothbrush, when it refused to start (which was frequently)

Triumph Bonneville - Shiny, Shiny

Triumph Bonneville motorcycle
Sometimes, somethings make you proud to be British - here's one of them.

Honda 400 Super Sport - Lakeland Motor Museum

Honda 400 Super Sport
I took this shot for my friend Hugh, a lovely clean example of a Honda 400 Super Sport at Lakeland Motor Museum, in the Lake District.

Mini Cooper, Lakeland Motor Museum

Mini Cooper British Racing Green
To round off our visit to the Lake District, we paid a visit to Lakeland Motor Museum. A great place to while away a few hours, with some immaculate examples of cars, motorbikes and various automotive memorabilia - this little guy caught my eye straight away, a classic Mini Cooper in British Racing Green.

"The Boatkeeper" - Faeryland, Grasmere, Lake District

Faeryland Grasmere  Lake District
Here's a shot of my friend Rick, who owns Faeryland tea room in Grasmere, Lake District. He's waiting for one of his customers to return one of the rowing boats they have hired out.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Grasmere - Lake District

Grasmere Lake District
I'm just back from a very enjoyable two day trip down to Grasmere in the Lake District with my brother, visiting our friend Rick who owns "Faeryland", a secluded tea/coffee/soup/scone etc cafe on the banks of the lake. It was great to get away from the city for 48 hours, and the relentless rain we have been experiencing in the UK. The weather gods smiled upon us, and the sun came out as soon as we peeled of the motorway for the Lake District. This shot was taken on the 5 minute walk from the Red Lion hotel where we were staying, round to's a beautiful area to visit.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Jim Clark statue unveiling, Kilmany 1997 - part one

jim clark statue kilmany fife scotland
I can see from my blog stats from Google Analytics, that I am getting a good few hits from folk looking for Jim Clark related posts, so I better start adding some! I'm going to start with "part one" of my photo collection and memories from 30/5/1997, when I took the day off work, and rode up to Kilmany on my motorbike, on a glorious summers morning, to see Jackie Stewart unveil this great statue of Jim Clark in Kilmany, Fife, the village he was born in, on 4th March 1936.
First off, I had a pretty rubbish camera with me on this day, so the quality of photos are not up to my usual standard, however I know they will be of interest to many (I deemed them good enough to get a set printed up, which I gave to Jackie Stewart when I met him at a book signing a couple of years ago...more on that later). Anyway, I arrived bright and early at 10:30am, and there were a few folk milling about, especially as there was a classic car show in a field behind the statue's location. The statue itself was poignantly covered with a Scottish saltire flag, and a small podium had been built beside it for speeches. Eventually, nearer midday, a large coash arrived with the VIP's, and Jackie & Helen Stewart were piped along a roped off walkway towards the statue. By this time, a pretty large crowd had assembled!

Part two, with more photos, to follow later....
jackie stewart arrived for jim clark statue unveiling in kilmanyjackie stewart arrived for jim clark statue unveiling in kilmanyclassic car show at jim clark statue unveiling kilmany fife scotland

Edinburgh Zoo - Cheetah

cheetah at edinburgh zoo
My wife and I spent last Sunday afternoon at Edinburgh Zoo. I've not been for around 40 years (my mum informs me I went there as a birthday treat when I was a kid, I only have vague memories of that!). Its an excellent day out, and I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I took loads of photos. I'll add the best ones to the blog gradually, but here is one of my favourites to start with - this cheetah was just so handsome, and sat there posing happily on the other side of the glass, whilst I snapped away.

In the snug, at the Canny Man's

canny mans pub edinburgh
I've been a little busy to update my blog in the past month or so, but am going to try and get back in the swing of things again. This is a shot taken in one of the back snug rooms at the Canny Man's pub in Edinburgh, the same afternoon my friend Hugh and I had watched the Scottish Cup Final in The Golf Tavern. We decided to stroll down to "the canny's" for old times sake, as it was a well frequented pub in our youth. They can be a bit fussy about camera use in the the pub (in fact, your not mean to at all!), so I had to be a little bit surreptitous with my camera.
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