Sunday, 1 July 2012

Jim Clark statue unveiling, Kilmany 1997 - part one

jim clark statue kilmany fife scotland
I can see from my blog stats from Google Analytics, that I am getting a good few hits from folk looking for Jim Clark related posts, so I better start adding some! I'm going to start with "part one" of my photo collection and memories from 30/5/1997, when I took the day off work, and rode up to Kilmany on my motorbike, on a glorious summers morning, to see Jackie Stewart unveil this great statue of Jim Clark in Kilmany, Fife, the village he was born in, on 4th March 1936.
First off, I had a pretty rubbish camera with me on this day, so the quality of photos are not up to my usual standard, however I know they will be of interest to many (I deemed them good enough to get a set printed up, which I gave to Jackie Stewart when I met him at a book signing a couple of years ago...more on that later). Anyway, I arrived bright and early at 10:30am, and there were a few folk milling about, especially as there was a classic car show in a field behind the statue's location. The statue itself was poignantly covered with a Scottish saltire flag, and a small podium had been built beside it for speeches. Eventually, nearer midday, a large coash arrived with the VIP's, and Jackie & Helen Stewart were piped along a roped off walkway towards the statue. By this time, a pretty large crowd had assembled!

Part two, with more photos, to follow later....
jackie stewart arrived for jim clark statue unveiling in kilmanyjackie stewart arrived for jim clark statue unveiling in kilmanyclassic car show at jim clark statue unveiling kilmany fife scotland


  1. we are french and working on a web site very succesful in memory of jim clark. would you like to help us? your photos about the unveiling of the kilmany statue with J Stewart would be a chapter in itself. You can see the website JIM CLARK LE PLUS GRAND my adress is

  2. Hi Jocelyn, apologies for the late reply, I have just returned from a holiday in America. Can you give me the actual web site address, as the link did not work - I'm sure I can help you.




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